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Deborah Truscello

Deborah Truscello is a lifelong legal professional and Delaware County resident. She was born and raised in Folcroft by her mother, who rose through the ranks to become leader of the Folcroft Republican Party, and her father who helped shape Pennsylvania's Magisterial Court system. Amongst many community service projects spear headed by her parents, her father built a new library for Folcroft at the request of her mother when the old library was being torn down and the books discarded.  She is the only candidate that has lived in Delaware County her entire life and intimately understands the issues of Delco residents.

I am the only candidate that has been representing Delaware County residents for 32 years. I have experience at every court level in PA & was a Judge for 8 years. I have the compassion & experience to do a great job on the bench in Media for all of us.

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Aston, Delaware County, PA


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